I was searching for a training about electronics for detectors which could give me an overview of CERN. With ESIPAP I got everything in one place. I cannot find another course with this perfect combination. Given the circumstances this year (pandemic), ESIPAP was organised perfectly. ESIPAP 2021

Viveka GAUTAMPhD in Particle Detectors, ATLAS Pixels Group – IFAE

Thank you to all the pedagogical team that allowed me to work with impending researchers, to have access to laboratories of the latest technologies and to have a huge experience. This course allowed me to put into practice concepts of which I knew only the theory. ESIPAP 2021

Saliou FALLMaster in the Characterization of Materials by Neutron Spectroscopy, Institute of Applied Nuclear Technology

I was very happy to have participated to this wonderful school. I am so appreciative of all you have done to help us acquire solid training in several areas of research and it was a pleasure to know all of you. Many Thanks !!! ESIPAP 2021

Malak AIT TAMLIHATPhD in High Energy Physics, Mohammed V University

It is one of the best parts of my training, even if it was remotely organized. I did not think I would have learnt so much in such a short time. To exchange with teachers and people from different nationalities is a huge strength. ESIPAP 2021

Robin MOLLEMaster in Nuclear and Energy Engineering, Grenoble INP – Phelma