Clinical Research

  • Artificial intelligence in Oncology
  • Artificial intelligence in radiation oncology – clinical applications
  • Classical endpoints, patient-reported outcomes and challenges of immune checkpoint inhibitors trials in oncology
  • Artificial Intelligence & Applications to Health Care

Medical Physics

  • Role of Medical Imaging and radiotherapy in personalised breast cancer management
  • Radiotherapy & nanoparticles
  • Artificial Intelligence in Radiation Therapy – methodological aspects
  • Molecular profiling of paediatric cancers: new opportunities for precision oncology and applications for personalized immunotherapy
  • Multiparametric MRI imaging of cancer: preclinical developments

Biology & Gene Expression

  • New tools in anathomo-pathology, DSP, multiplexing & hands-on
  • Clinical study design & Data interoperability & sharing
  • Biomarkers & immunotherapy
  • MicroRNA multi-targeting-based therapy for Glioblastoma treatment
  • Multi-omics characterization of tumours
  • Deep learning model for histopathological image analysis
  • scRNAseq & spatial transcriptomic: New tools to move all research projects forward
  • Concept of synthetic lethality in the design of innovative therapies

Environment, Prediction, Prevention

  • Precision Medicine for Cancer Prevention & Risk stratified screening for common cancers: Principles & Applications
  • Obesity and Lifestyle Risk Factors for Cancer. From observational epidemiology to personalized prevention
  • Population attributable fraction: Today & Projections
  • Liquid biopsy biomarkers: Rationale, technological developments & clinical applications
  • Understanding risk and making public health decisions

& Also

  • Objectives of the innovation / entrepreneurship sessions
  • Round table with start-up companies
  • Keynote lecture on precision medicine for cancer therapy 5-year forecast
  • A day at CERN with the “medical applications” group
  • Intellectual properties: Challenges and method of protection
  • Practical session with a start-up software
  • A patient’s story
  • Ethical issues of big data and AI in health
  • Coaching