L’UHC School Lab était une super expérience. J’ai collaboré dans un projet luttant contre la malnutrition à Madagascar et dans un autre améliorant l’offre de dépistage de l’hépatite B au Burkina Faso. C’est grâce à ce type de projets interculturels et interdisciplinaires qu’on peut faire progresser le système sanitaire en France et dans le monde.

Victoria LOPEZ MARTINEZ – UHC School Lab 2022Etudiante en Licence Biotechnologies pour la Santé, Université Grenoble-Alpes

L’UHC School Lab est une expérience inoubliable : 10 jours d’échanges de partages, de découvertes et surtout de bienveillance afin de contribuer à un avenir meilleur. Je souhaite à chacun d’y participer, on se sent utile et ça fait du bien ! Sortir des cahiers et passer au concret, c’est ce que permet cette école.

Camille BELLUE – UHC School Lab 2022Etudiante en Licence Biotechnologies pour la Santé, Université Grenoble-Alpes

C’était une très belle expérience tant sur le plan apprentissage que social. J’encourage les étudiants à y participer !

Sèdjro Crésus ABOUTA – UHC School Lab 2022Etudiant en Licence Biotechnologies pour la Santé, Université Grenoble-Alpes

The I.FAST CBI was an one of a kind experience: it showcased the need for different fields to come together to bring solutions into the real world. As a law student, it brought me both knowledge about particle physics and a sense of team work with motivated and innovative young experts.

Agris ATNIKS – I.FAST CBI 2022Law Bachelor, University of Latvia

The CBI boosted my motivation as a physics student and reminded me how society can benefit from our studies. Team work, presentation skills, connections and durable friendships are the main assets I took home from ESI & CERN. 6 months on, we still organise trips to meet each other all over Europe!

Salvatore MANFREDI – I.FAST CBI 2022Master, Università La Sapienza (Italy)

Learning from the best of the best, networking with world experts in healthcare research, an exhilarating day at CERN, thoughtfully designed events and schedules, amazing organisers at ESI and a fantastic diverse body of participants made my time here one of the best fortnights of this year. It truly was the place to be!

Ashwini UCHIL – Precision Oncology 2022Master, University of Grenoble-Alpes (France)

The Precision Oncology summer school is more than just a school. I feel like we built a whole new network with many students and experts in different field and expertise. I have fun discovering new knowledge and friends.

Febby Valentine PURWADI – Precision Oncology 2022Master, University of Barcelona (Spain)

JUAS opened new horizons for me in the world of particle accelerators, with amazing insights into their applications and also to virtually access the most important accelerator facilities in the world.


I am very satisfied with the courses I followed and have already started to see the effect of them on the quality on my PhD work.


With experts and professors from CERN and universities all over Europe presenting their fields, densely but passionately, there is no better way of starting a career in particle accelerators in my opinion.