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Job opportunities
European Spallation Source (ESS) Vacancies : find out more here  
GSI Job Offers : find out more here



LPSC (Grenoble) and LPGP (Université Paris Saclay, CNRS, Orsay) offer a Master 2 Internship opportunity : more information here  




The European synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) in Grenoble is looking for an intern to work in the Accelerator and Sources Division / Insertion Devices and Magnets Group.

Find all the details and contact person in the job offer here .



November 2018

GSI is seeking for a skilled PhD student for an interesting project at the GSI Beam Instrumentation Group : PhD candidate (m/f) in Applied Physics or Material Science


Two junior-faculty positions in Accelerator Science & Technology opened at Northern Illinois University. Find more details here .


The Department of Accelerators, Cryogenics and Magnetism (DACM) of the CEA-Saclay Institute of Research on the Fundamental laws of the Universe (IRFU) has an opening of a position for an experienced engineer in RF systems for Accelerators.



October 2018

- SPIRAL2 PROJECT is looking for a Post doc (in GANIL, France) for the beam commissioning of the new superconducting linac accelerator.

- FAIR is offering an interesting job opportunity for an experienced engineer, fellow, or post-doc : click here for more details

- BNL is looking for two post-docs to work on simulation on coherent scattering experiments for light sources

- ICMAB in Barcelona is seeking for a candidate to work in  High field Superconductors’ technology for particle accelerators



September 2018

- Open position at PSI for a Magnet Engineer. More details

- Rostock University is opening a PhD/Post Doc position :  click here for more details 

A.D.A.M SA seeks to appoint an  Accelerator Physicist



July 2018

The department Operation Accelerator BESSY II is looking for: Physicist (m/f) for radiation protection



May 2018

If you are under 40 or within 5-years of your PhD date, and you have a good idea and a dream, please consider applying for this program in Korea !

IBS Young Scientist Fellowship



April 2018

Synchrotron SOLEIL, centre français de rayonnement synchrotron, recrute un/une Physicien(ne) Accélérateurs



March 2018

Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste is looking for candidates 2 positions as Accelerator Physicist at FERMI


Diamond Light Source has open positions for Senior Insertion Device Physicist / Insertion Device Physicist / Graduate Insertion Device Physicist


CLSI is looking for candidates to fill the position of Accelerator Operations and Development Manager.



February 2018

Vacancies at Belgian Nuclear Research Centre : Accelerator Physicist



January 2018 

Brookhaven National Laboratory is looking for candidates to work on software developments, simulations for X-ray optics and related applications:

Research Scientist – Electrodynamics, X-ray Optics (S1 position)


Beam Dynamics in the ThomX electron storage ring: PhD Position at LAL Orsay (Paris)

The thesis is part of the ThomX project, which aims at developing an intense and compact X- ray source for use in a medical environment or art history. Both experimental and theoretical, this PhD position offers a unique experience during the commissioning of a new accelerator.

A first evaluation of the student applications will be done during January for the first wave of ED PHENIICS Thesis Scholarship Award. Applications should be sent no later than March/April.



December 2017

Postdoc opening on the Mu2e experiment, based at Fermilab, open to accelerator physicists

Postdoctoral Position


BNL is looking for a postdoc in accelerator physics/control



October 2017

Laboratoire de Physique des Gaz et des Plasmas, Orsay, France

PhD position at Université Paris-Sud



June 2017

Marie Curie EASITrain: Recruitment of 15 young researcher positions



March 2017

Massachussets Institute of Technology Postdoc Position



January 2017

GANIL, Caen, France PhD proposal 2017

Study and characterisation of the SPIRAL2 BPM diagnostics