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ESI was founded in 1994 at the initiative of CERN-based physicists and a group of European universities in order to develop high level training courses on technologies developed at CERN .



Today ESI organises thematic schools in the fields of particle accelerators, particle and astroparticle detectors, medical physics and scientific and medical computing.



Located at Archamps Technopole  on the French-Geneva border, ESI has enjoyed the support of the Conseil départemental de la Haute-Savoie since the outset.


ESI is a recognised partner institute of CERN , which provides significant support to ESI in the form of faculty, computing resources, etc. ESI’s schools are organised on a modular basis comprising lectures and computer-supported tutorials in ESI’s Archamps Technopole facility as well as practical work in partner laboratories and industry.


ESI’s schools principally target an international audience of post-graduate students (MSc, PhD) and young professionals working in research institutes, hospitals or industry.


Since its creation, ESI has provided high level teaching and training for approximately 2000 young scientists from over 30 countries from the European Union, Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean basin and the Near-East.