Hands-on beam instrumentation at BERGOZ

The students of the JUAS 2019 course on “The technology and applications of particle accelerators” were at BERGOZ INSTRUMENTATION in Saint-Genis Pouilly (France) on 6th March to visit the company and practice on real beam instruments of BERGOZ’s production (photo 1). 

Welcomed by Etienne Touzain, the new CEO of the company, the students were briefly presented the activities and lines of products of the company before getting to the workbenches. Several types of beam-current monitors were mounted on test benches simulating the passage of particle beams with different intensities and time structures.


The students, provided with the technical characteristics of the instruments and with state-of-the-art signal generators and oscilloscopes, were asked to measure their performance in different conditions and compare it to the expected behavior from the data sheets (photo 2), an exercise that revealed some surprises when the instruments were pushed outside their design range! Fortunately, Tom Delaviere, Frank Stulle, Hervé Bayle, Laurent Dupuy and Evgeniya Swift of BERGOZ were available to guide the student groups (photo 3). The busy afternoon went very fast and the students could just complete their work before getting back on the coach to Archamps.