Word of Welcome

Welcome to ESI !


The New Year has arrived and with it our 2017 sessions of JUAS and ESIPAP. 


Having spent virtually my entire career as a particle physicist at CERN, I take pride in the fact that at ESI, we contribute in no small way to preparing the future generations of scientists and engineers who will take our understanding of the origins of the universe to new levels. In doing so, they will be confronted with numerous challenges, many of which will require the interdisciplinary collaboration for the development of new technologies, systems and methods. Experience shows us that society as a whole can benefit from these advances. Let us not forget that CERN was the birth-place of the World Wide Web, and that technologies developed at CERN and other particle physics research facilities are today found in hospitals, industry and financial centres all over the world.


The applications of physics and scientific computing in the field of health are of particular interest to us at ESI. Our BioHealth Computing programme brings together an international mix of students from different academic backgrounds (life science, medicine, computing, engineering …) for intensive summer schools in Archamps.  A series of lecture presentations, practical sessions and guided group work culminates in participants developing original and innovative approaches to complex societal problems such as obesity; chronic obstructive lung disease; evaluation of the risk of exposure to nanomaterials … On the last day of the school, projects are pitched to a panel of experts from industrial innovation.  The quality and maturity of many of these projects is both surprising and impressive.


I invite you to browse our website and discover more about ESI and our schools, and look forward to seeing you soon in Archamps.


Happy New Year !


Hans F. Hoffmann

ESI President / CERN Honorary