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Title Given Name Family Name Subject Institute
Dr. Éric Anderssen Composite Materials for Particle Detectors LBNL
Prof. Jérôme Baudot Tracking University of Strasbourg
Dr. Catherine Biscarat Grid computing LPSC Grenoble
Dr. Pierre Bonnal Project Management CERN
Dr. François Boyer Lab Training Session CERN
Dr. Jean-Marie Brom Detector Technologies IPHC Strasbourg
Dr. Martino Calvo Low Temperature Detectors Institut Néel
Prof. Éric Chabert C++ programming & computer sessions University of Strasbourg
Dr. Laurent Chevalier Muon detection CEA / IRFU
Dr. Yann Coadou Stochastic & Statistical Aspects (part 2) CPPM Marseille
Prof. Johann Collot Detector technologies noble liquid detectors UGA / LPSC Grenoble
Dr. Éric Conte computer sessions IUT de Colmar
Dr. Dominik Dannheim Lab Training Session CERN
Dr. Marco Delmastro Experimental subatomic physics LAPP Annecy
Prof. Lucia Di Ciaccio Interaction of particles with matter LAPP Annecy
Dr. Jan Droz Space projects CNES
Dr. Daniel Dzahini Signal Processing and electronics X-Digit
Dr. Ziad El Bitar Medical applications IPHC Strasbourg
Dr. Romain Gouaty Gravitational wave detection LAPP Annecy
Dr. Roberto Guida Lab Training Session CERN
Dr. Erik H.M. Heijne Semiconductor quantum-particle detectors and micro-nano-electronics Czech Technical Univ., CERN
Dr. Ulli Koester Medical Radioisotopes ILL Grenoble
Dr. Marc Krauth Additive Printing IPHC Strasbourg
Dr. Juan Macias-Perez Experimental cosmology LPSC Grenoble
Prof. François Montanet

Experimental astroparticle physics

Imaging & Cherenkov detectors

UGA / LPSC Grenoble
Dr. Christian Morel Photon Counting Imaging CPPM Marseille
Dr. Christophe Ochando Calorimetry LLR
Dr. Jérôme Odier Python programming LPSC Grenoble
Dr. Alberto Pace Data Handling Technologies CERN
Dr. Enrico Pasqualucci TDAQ software INFN
Prof. Francesca Pastore Trigger University of London
Dr. Guillaume Pignol Ultra cold neutrons LPSC Grenoble
Dr. Sebastien Ponce C++ programming CERN
Dr. Alberto Ribon Detector simulation CERN
Dr. Isabelle Rongier Space projects ASL
Dr. Florian Ruppin Stochastic & Statistical Aspects (part 1) LPSC Grenoble
Dr. Hannes Sakulin FPGA CERN
Prof. Herman Ten Kate Magnets for particle detectors CERN
Dr. Guillaume Unal Particle identification CERN
Dr. Helmut Vincke Radioprotection CERN
Dr. Norbert Wermes Detectors: General Aspects Bonn University
Dr. Ms. Mengqing Wu Semiconductor Detectors IMAPP Radboud University