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Dr. Philippe Lebrun

Welcome to the Joint Universities Accelerator School (JUAS)!


Hosted since 1994 at the European Scientific Institute on the Archamps Technopole in the French Geneva region, the School has trained more than a thousand graduate students in the field of particle accelerators, under the aegis of its sixteen Partner Universities in Europe. Two five-week residential courses, one on the science of particle accelerators, the other on their technology and applications, are taught by renowned experts from CERN, the neighbouring European Organization for Nuclear Research, from the Partner Universities and from national research institutes. In addition to the classic university-style lectures and tutorials, JUAS pedagogy includes seminars on the latest developments in the field, design workshops and practical days in laboratories and industry involving work in small groups, as well as visits of accelerator centres.


Our students are mainly studying for their Master and Doctorate degrees in JUAS Partner Universities, but also in other European and non-European universities; a number of them are early-career professionals working in research institutes and industrial companies designing, building and operating particle accelerators or components thereof. Attending JUAS is a unique and memorable experience, and one of the best ways to boost your career in accelerator science and technology.


This web site gives most of the useful information about JUAS, including academic content, faculty, practical aspects and the way to apply (on-line). Do not hesitate to contact us!


Thank you for your interest in JUAS. We look forward to welcoming you soon as a student in Archamps!


Philippe Lebrun


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JUAS is organised by the European Scientific Institute in partnership with 16 major European Universities and CERN:












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JUAS is sponsored by major European research laboratories and collaborations : ACCELENCE , ALBA, ARIES , CERN, CEA, CNRS-IN2P3, DESY, ESRF, ESS Lund, GSI, HZB, INFN, STFC-ISIS, JAI, KIT, OMA, PSI, SOLEIL and by industry: Bergoz Instrumentation , COMPUTER CONTROLS , LINKTRONIX , PMB .

With the support of Société Française de Physique, division accélérateurs .



JUAS Director :

Philippe Lebrun, CERN


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Elias Metral, CERN


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