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JUAS director is science sponsor of local high-school
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Philippe Lebrun, director of JUAS, is also the science sponsor of Collège Paul Langevin in Ville-la-Grand, Haute-Savoie. This high school is one of the four “collèges pilotes” established in the Grenoble academy by the foundation La main à la Pâte, created by Georges Charpak, Nobel Prize and Pierre Léna & Yves Quéré, members of the Académie des Sciences, to promote science in schools through a number of pedagogical actions. The physics teaching team in Collège Paul Langevin has organized such an action around a visit of CERN and in preparation for this, Philippe Lebrun delivered an introductory lecture to the students on “Atoms and particles”. This was also the occasion of approaching the role of science in society and discussing career opportunities in and around science.