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JUAS at the SOLEIL synchrotron

JUAS students at the controls of the SOLEIL synchrotron


Two students of the JUAS 2019 Course on “The physics of particle accelerators”, Lily Blondel of CERN and Konstantinos Paraschou of CERN and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, had the opportunity to take part in the machine development (MD) session of 4 February at the SOLEIL synchrotron in Saclay, France (photo).


Laurent Nadolski and Marie-Agnès Tordeux of SOLEIL have organized the work and guided the students during the MD, which focussed on closed orbit measurement and correction in the ring. The experiments also included the production of closed orbit distortions by excitation of specific corrector magnets in order to measure integer tunes, and their comparison with simulations.


The students submitted a report from which the graphs below are taken, showing the “natural” and corrected orbit errors in the transverse plane.