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Prof. Raymond Miralbell
Prof. Raymond Miralbell

Prof. Raymond Miralbell - Swiss-Catalan national, radiation oncologist trained from 1979 through 1989 in the University of Barcelona and the University of Harvard. Chairman of the Swiss Proton Users Group 2000 - 2008).

Chairman and Associated Professor of the Radiation Oncology Division, at the University Hospital of Geneva (Switzerland) since 2006.





Main research domain: Prostate cancer and breast cancer.

- Imaging for radiotherapy treatment planning
- Treatment precision optimization through image guided radiotherapy
- Tracing of the biochemical relapse after curative surgery or radiotherapy
- Prognostic value of hypoxic markers (pathological and imaging)
- Quality of life studies in fragile patients on androgen deprivation
- Biological modeling of prostate cancer response to irradiation and fractionation sensitivity.
- Biological modeling for salvage radiotherapy after post-irradiation local failure
- SBRT of prostate, breast, and oligometastatic tumors.