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Dr. Andrea Latina
Andrea Latina

Dr. Andrea Latina - After graduating in physics in 2000, Andrea Latina obtained his PhD at the University of Turin in 2005 in experimental nuclear physics developed at LNL-INFN, the Legnaro National Laboratories of INFN.


In 2005 he joined CERN as a postdoctoral Fellow on integrated simulations and beam dynamics for CLIC. In 2008 he was awarded a “John Peoples Fellowship for outstanding accelerator scientists” at Fermilab, and moved to the US. He worked at Fermilab for three years, focusing on beam dynamics for ILC and Project-X.


Since 2010 he has been back at CERN as a staff member. He currently works on beam dynamics, experimental verifications, and simulation codes development for CLIC, LEIR, Hi-Lumi LHC, FCC, and other CERN projects.


In 2013 he joined JUAS as lecturer of transverse beam dynamics.

Since 2015 he has also been teaching beam dynamics at KAIST in South Korea and at the Synchrotron Light Research Institute of Thailand.