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Andrei Seryi
Andrein Seryi

Andrei Seryi, Professor in Oxford and Director of John Adams Institute.

Graduate of Novosibirsk State University, PhD from Budker INP. Worked at SLAC until 2010, where he led the design and first stages of implementation of FACET project, led the Beam Delivery efforts for linear collider. Deputy Spokesperson of ATF International Collaboration for ATF2 Project. Chairing or a member of a number of advisory committees. Taught at numerous accelerator schools. Contributed to developments of beam-beam compensation, electron cooling, beam-delivery system, stability of colliders and novel acceleration methods.


Elected in 2008 as American Physical Society Fellow, “for his leadership in developing beam delivery systems for linear colliders and his contributions to the theory of ground motion, vibration, and feedback for accelerators and particularly linear colliders”.