European School of Instrumentation
in Particle & Astroparticle Physics
N.B. Given the present world-wide public health situation, we are obliged to adapt ESIPAP 2021 to a remote teaching format but we do not intend to compromise on academic standards.  The rhythm and content of the lecture courses and tutorials will be adjusted and class sizes limited appropriately.  While there can be no true substitute for in-person visits and practicals, we will work with the host laboratories to provide remote versions of the tours and lab sessions.


18 January - 12 March 2021

Taught by leading specialists, ESIPAP delivers a regularly updated, academically accredited programme in collaboration with ENIGMASSCERN  and a growing number of international universities.


Recruitment to ESIPAP is selective : only 32 places are available (but 16 for labs and exams). Applications are welcome from Master students, PhD candidates and early-career professionals.  


The school comprises 2 back-to-back 4-week courses which can be followed consecutively or over two years. 


Course 1 (18 Jan - 12 Feb) : Physics of Particle and Astroparticle Detectors

1 four-week course

Course 2 (15 Feb - 12 March) : Advanced lectures & Applications

4 separate one-week modules 

  • Module 1 - Advanced lectures on Detectors 

  • Module 2 - Data Handling & Offline Computing

  • Module 3 - Advanced courses & Labs 

  • Module 4 - Medical Applications


Each course includes examinations which allow students from collaborating universities to earn ECTS credits attributed by their home institution.