The school allowed to me to deepen my knowledge in technologies and applications of particle accelerators, to acquire cutting-edge information from the lectures and seminars and to expand my working network. Considering the logistical difficulties, the organization of the school in the on-line format was excellent. JUAS 2021

Grazia D’AGOSTINOMarie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellow At IBA

Despite the limitations due to the pandemic, it was a fascinating journey into accelerator technologies and their applications guided by exceptional experts. JUAS 2021

Leandro INTELISANOPhD Candidate University Of Rome La Sapienza / CERN

By providing a comprehensive and coherent course programme, JUAS really fulfilled my expectation of building a strong foundation in the field. I have gained so much more understanding in accelerator physics. JUAS 2021

Watanyu FOOSANGPhD Candidate, Université Paris-Saclay

It was great to have the accelerator design course and workshop as it was an occasion to put all we saw together and to have an overview on what designing a particle accelerator may be. JUAS 2021

Victor DU BUATMSc Nuclear Engineering, Grenoble INP-UGA

I cannot imagine the time it would have taken and the volumes of books and magazines I would have had to read to get this level of experience. The content of the lectures has been rich and, in some cases, challenging to understand. The fact that after just five weeks at JUAS I am already considering changing career shows the degree to which I have been transformed by the school. JUAS 2021

Akomoneh RAYMONDMSc Computational Science & Engineering, Universität Rostock

The lecturers are all experts passionate about sharing their knowledge. This is really the key asset of JUAS. JUAS 2021

Damien GILMANTSystem Owner Rhodotron TT300HE, Ion Beam Applications - IBA