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JUAS 2019 students visit CERN
JUAS at CERN 2019

JUAS at CERN 2019

On 11 January, the students of the JUAS 2019 course on “The physics of particle accelerators” were at CERN.

After a quick lunch at the CERN cafeteria, they first visited the LHC magnet test hall, where Marta Bajko of the Technical Department briefed them on the technical aspects of the collider; they could get a flavor of this huge machine in a full-scale mock-up of a section of the tunnel. They then proceeded to the CERN Control Centre where Reyes Alemany Fernandez of the Beams Department welcomed them and delivered a seminar on the CERN accelerator network and its operation. The group then visited the Control Center operations room where the picture below was taken.