Joint Universities Accelerator School
Dr. Reyes Alemany
Reyes Alemany

Dr. Reyes Alemany - Since 2017: Machine Coordinator of Low Energy Ion Ring (LEIR) and responsible person of the LEIR machine: technical aspects, beam quality, schedule, consolidation.


Since 2017 Responsible person for the production of the ion beams for the North Area and the LHC in the CERN injector chain and for the ion schedule of the accelerator complex.


Since 2017 Deputy project leader for the Linac3 and LEIR upgrade within the context of the LHC high luminosity upgrade


2011 – 2013 Responsible person for the operational feasibility assessment of a proton-Pb ion run in LHC, a new mode of LHC operation as a collider. Since then, proton-nucleus collisions are part of the LHC program.  


2006 – present Engineer In Charge of LHC: responsible for the LHC successful operation assuming the responsibility of the safety of the personnel and the machine, as well as the efficient operation to achieve the integrated luminosity goals stablished every year.