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Dr. Elias Métral
Dr. Elias METRAL

Dr. Elias METRAL

Dr. Elias Métral graduated as a physicist engineer from the École Nationale Supérieure de Physique de Grenoble (France) and has Masters and PHD degrees (Coupled Landau damping of transverse coherent instabilities in particle accelerators) from the Université Joseph Fourier in Grenoble.


He is a senior accelerator physicist of the CERN Beams Department, who has been working on different particle accelerators for more than twenty years: after having been in the past machine supervisor for the PS and the SPS machines, and coordinator for the machine development studies in the LHC injector chain, he is currently one of the LHC machine coordinators since 2018. With an expertise in collective effects, he was the leader of the Hadron Synchrotron Collective/Coherent effects section within the Accelerators and Beam Physics group, between 2010 and 2020. Since 2012, he has been the leader of the Task on Collective Effects for the future High-Luminosity LHC. 


Elias has been a member of the ICFA (International Committee for Future Accelerators) Beam Dynamics Panel since 2011 and the deputy chair since 2019. As well as publishing numerous papers and regularly participating in international conferences, Elias has also frequently spoken at specialist workshops, often acting as convener or co-chair, and has lectured at several international schools.


A former student of the Joint Universities Accelerator School (JUAS) and a former assistant lecturer, he has been the lecturer for the course on Longitudinal Beam dynamics since 2011 and the deputy director of the School since 2014.