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Career opportunities
JUAS regularly receives information on career opportunities in the field of particle accelerators, which we happily communicate on the website and via social networks. 


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April 2022

Brookhaven National Laboratory (New York, USA) is seeking to recruit an RF Electronics Engineer with extensive RF analog and digital electronics experience to join the team working on new instruments for cosmology and climate science.

Link to webpage HERE


March 2022

ALBA Synchrotron (Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain) is looking to recruit a Beamline Scientist to work on the installation and commissioning of the new Fast X-ray Tomography and Radiography (FaXToR) beamline.

Deadline for applications :18 April 2022

Link to webpage HERE


February 2022

CERN, Beam Department (Geneva, Switzerland) is seeking to recruit a Doctoral student to undertake studies of beam dynamics limitations across the ion injector complex at CERN.

Download abstract and contact emails  HERE

Deadline for applications: 21 March 2022 via CERN PhD portal HERE


The CEA's Department of Accelerators, Cryogenics and Magnetism (Paris-Saclay, France) is seeking to recruit a Doctoral student to undertake research on Advanced and Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Mitigate Linear and Non-Linear Imperfections in Future Circular Colliders.

Deadline for applications: 31 May 2022

Link to webpage HERE


The Old Dominion University Research Foundation (Norfolk VA, USA) is seeking a Post-Doctoral Research Associate to perform work under the ODU’s Center for Accelerator Science. This position will support research in the development of superconducting structures and the investigation of superconducting materials for their applications to a variety of accelerator applications.

Link to webpage HERE


Soleil Synchrotron (Paris-Saclay, France) is inviting applications for TWO one-year (renewable) Postdoctoral positions in the fields of 1/ Beam Dynamics and 2/ Collective Effects. The successful candidates will join the Accelerator Physics Group currently working on studies for a major upgrade of the SOLEIL ring.

Links to webpage:  Beam Dynamics  ; Collective effects


ALBA Synchrotron (Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain) is looking to recruit a Research scientist/engineer to design and construct an experiment to study electrical & microwave properties of high temperature superconductors under irradiation with synchrotron radiation at cryogenic temperatures.

Deadline for applications : 20 February 2022

Link to webpage HERE


January 2022

Fermilab (Chicago, USA) is inviting applications for an Associate Scientist to perform accelerator studies addressing challenges for future high intensity running.

Deadline for applications: 28 February 2022

Link to webpage HERE


The Irène Joliot-Curie Laboratory (Orsay-Paris, France) is offering a Master 2 internship (March-July) within the team of physicists in charge of the commissioning of the ThomX accelerator. Possibility of continuing with a PhD.

For more information, download the pdf  HERE


The Jefferson Lab (Newport News, VA, USA) is inviting applications for a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Center for Injectors and Sources to participate in characterizing spin-polarized photocathodes operating in very high voltage photo-guns.

Link to webpage HERE


The Diamond Light Source (Didcot, UK) is inviting applications for a Post-Doctoral Research Associate / Senior Researcher to join the Diamond Accelerator Physics Group. The successful candidate will contribute to the design studies for the Diamond-II facility.

Deadline for applications: 6 February 2022

Link to webpage HERE


The John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science (Oxford, UK) is inviting applications for a Postdoctoral Research Assistant to undertake research into collective effects in multi-bend achromat storage rings for synchrotron light sources.

Deadline for applications: 7 February 2022

Link to webpage HERE


Brookhaven National Laboratory (New York, USA) is offering a Master 2 internship, working on BMI/BNL iRCMS project design studies, during the spring semester 2022 (March to summer). A PhD position may follow

Contact: fmeot[at]

Download PDF  HERE