European School of Instrumentation
in Particle & Astroparticle Physics
Course Fees

Payment of course registration fees must be made once you have received official confirmation that your application has been successful.


A maximum of 30 students will be selected for each of the two courses. They will be divided into two tiers of 15 students.

  • Tier 1 students (max. 15) will follow all lectures and tutorials; take individual written examinations; submit group lab reports on the practicals which will also be marked; receive a certificate indicating their overall marks.

Admission to Tier 1 will be based on academic excellence with priority given to students from partner universities attributing ECTS or doctoral credits.

  • Tier 2 students (max. 15) will follow all lectures and tutorials, but will not sit the examinations.  They will receive a certificate of attendance.


Academic status Course

Registration fees


Registration fees


Master Course 1   150€ 50€
Course 2   150€ 50€
Course 1 & 2 300€ 100€
PhD Course 1   450€ 150€
Course 2   450€ 150€
Course 1 & 2 900€ 300€


Please note that in order to follow the courses effectively, you will need a relatively recent laptop with a webcam, fast internet access from your location and the Zoom application.