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Safer Nanomaterials

Accelerating nanotech innovations through a safer-by-design approach


19 - 28 May 2021 by Remote Learning


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Nanomaterials and nano-enabled products are increasingly present in our day-to-day lives. As the international regulatory framework on nanotechnologies continues to evolve, the key challenge is how to take into account potential risks to human and environmental health posed by long-term exposure to and accumulation of nanoparticles? 


SaferNano 2021 offers participants a unique and transformational opportunity to broaden their skill-sets through a “safer-by-design” approach. The programme blends pre-recorded core presentations, interactive sessions and live tutorials. The knowledge acquired is simultaneously put into practice with participants working in groups on the business model of a nano-enabled innovation project. The programme ends with groups pitching their innovation projects to a panel of experts from industry, academia, start-ups and business incubators.

By the end of the school, participants will have gained in-depth experience of working in a pluridisciplinary and international environment to implement a “safer-by-design” approach to nano-enabled innovations.



Second year Master students, PhD candidates, and early career professionals in medical or life science, biotechnology, materials engineering, data science, business, social science.

Over and above their specialist skills, participants must be willing to engage in:

  • Open and critical thinking: A closed mind is the antithesis of innovation

  • Risk-taking: seizing new opportunities is inseparable from taking risks

  • Collaboration: individual ideas become breakthrough innovations thanks to a great team



The student body comprises a maximum of 30 participants. The application form includes a section where candidates should provide a 50 to 200-word outline of an innovative idea or project related to nano-enabled products or services. The best ideas will be further developed during exchanges with the organisers and will serve as the basis for the innovation projects.

The idea or project might be expressed in terms of:

  • unmet societal needs which could benefit from the development of nano-enabled products or services

  • the (re)deployment of an existing nanomaterial or nanotechnology in an innovative product or service

  • currently unavailable but potentially marketable products or services involving nanomaterials and/or nanotechnology