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Mission & Values
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ESI’s mission is to contribute to the transfer at an international level of state-of-the-art knowledge in different scientific and technological fields and its applications in the wider world of industry and health.


To achieve this, ESI works with a number of partner organisations (universities, research facilities, professional societies …) to organise thematic schools, seminars and other events such as conferences, round tables, workshops …



ESI’s extensive faculty includes highly qualified professionals, many of them recognised as international experts in their fields, working in research, industry and academia.


ESI’s thematic schools typically address students enrolled in Master/PhD programmes as well as young professionals looking to gain specialised knowledge in particular fields and keep abreast of current trends and developments.


ESI’s thematic schools contribute to making a reality of the Bologna Process , which aims “to create a European Higher Education Area (EHEA) based on international cooperation and academic exchange that is attractive to European students and staff as well as to students and staff from other parts of the world”. Where relevant, European partner universities award ECTS credits to students successfully completing examinations at the end of each accredited course.


ESI is also committed to developing life-long learning, particularly through the training of “resident” staff in industry and hospitals or research institutes in partnership with professional societies.