Elias Métral
Elias Métral

It is a great honor for me to write these few lines, as JUAS was for me an outstanding springboard for my professional career.


Twenty-one years ago I had the pleasure to attend the three-month course provided by JUAS, which had been created just two years before. I remember very well this time in Archamps, I was very enthusiastic and motivated to join this new school and have the opportunity to meet passionate professionals from CERN and other European laboratories and universities, who convinced me to join the growing field of particle accelerators.


It was during JUAS that I discovered the impressive variety of activities and the skills needed to implement them. I was attracted by the fact that everyone could find their place, as accelerator activities span from operation (with shift work) to very involved theories, going through computer simulations, measurements with beam and on benches, technologies such as cryogenics and superconductivity, medical applications, etc. This is a fascinating field and it was during JUAS that I decided to become an accelerator physicist.


It was also during JUAS that I met the teacher who would supervise me as Technical Student at CERN few months later. JUAS provides an excellent training as we have time to (start to) digest all the intricate concepts by doing the many exercises (and exams) proposed by the teachers and being able to discuss with them during several days.

Thanks to the solid background acquired at JUAS, I felt immediately at ease in all the discussions at CERN enabling me to be integrated very rapidly in the team, contributing to the computations and understanding of several aspects of beam physics. After a PHD and a post-doc I was hired as staff member and I am now leading the section taking care of the collective/coherent effects limiting the performance of the CERN accelerators. I know that I owe a lot to JUAS and I am now very proud to be the co-director: I can only encourage all the newcomers in particle accelerators to attend JUAS at the earliest stage of their career and I wish them a lot of success !


- Accelerator physicist of the CERN Accelerator and Beam Physics Group since 2000;

- Section Leader of the Hadron Synchrotron Collective/Coherent effects (HSC) section since 2010;

- JUAS teacher on longitudinal beam dynamics since 2011 (assistant for the courses on transverse and longitudinal beam dynamics in 2000 and 2001);

- Co-director of JUAS since 2014.