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Antoine Pingault
Antoine Pingault

I was one of the lucky few that participated in the first ESIPAP edition in 2014. I included both modules as part of my master's degree in nuclear engineering from Grenoble-INP PHELMA. At that time I was already aiming to work in detector instrumentation but still unsure whether in the industry or the academy. Being surrounded by experts in their respective field for these two months helped me make my choice. Shortly after finishing the school I got accepted for a PhD position in detector R&D for particle physics.


The first module provided me with the background necessary to start working in my field.  During the second module, I was able to discover and discuss technology and techniques I didn't even hear about before. Some of them I would use in my work afterwards. For this, lab sessions (all at CERN this year) were a major opportunity to get hands-on experience on state of the art technology.


The schedule of the school is dense! But, from our fellow international students to the quality of the teaching materials and interesting topics, the environment we are studying in makes it worthwhile.  Lecturers are all experts in their respective field. Being able to interact directly with them in such conditions is a rare opportunity.


All in all, it was a superb first work experience in such international context. I would gladly urge anyone interested in detector instrumentation to attend the ESIPAP school.