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Alexandre Lasheen
Alex Lasheen

I am very pleased to share my experience as a student, and how the JUAS contributed to the early stage of my career.


I discovered the JUAS in 2013 as a master’s degree student in accelerator physics and particle interaction with matter in the Paris-Sud University. As a part of my master’s degree, I followed the second course about technology and applications of particle accelerators. The program was in excellent correlation with the one from my university, and allowed me to learn a lot about the various engineering challenges of particle accelerators. During the school, I had the opportunity to meet students and experts from many other European universities and institutes.

This exciting environment encouraged me to apply for a PhD at CERN.


Few months later, I had the chance to be selected in the Beams and RF section at CERN with an affiliation to the Paris-Sud University. The topic was to study longitudinal beam dynamics and collective effects in the Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS), in the frame of the LHC Injector Upgrade project. One of the requirements of the university for the PhD was to follow a certain amount of lectures to validate credits. I could follow in 2014 the first course of the JUAS about physics in particle accelerators, to consolidate my background knowledge for my PhD topic and beyond.


I successfully defended my PhD early 2017, and I am now enrolled as a senior fellow at CERN to study collective effects in the Proton Synchrotron (PS), the injector of the SPS.

Both JUAS courses were very useful to get a broad view of the various activities involved in particle accelerators, and was a solid basis to my present field of specialisation. I would encourage any student to follow the JUAS courses and I wish them to find the courses as enlightening as I did!