Joint Universities Accelerator School
Superconducting magnets

Dr. Paolo Ferracin, CERN

Mini-workshop on magnet design : Philippe Lebrun, Former CERN


1- Introduction to Superconductors

critical field, temperature & current

superconductors for magnets

manufacture of superconducting wires

high temperature superconductors HTS

where to find out more


2- Magnetization, Cables & AC losses

superconductors in changing fields, critical state model

filamentary superconductors and magnetization 

coupling between filaments & magnetization  

why cables, coupling in cables

mini tutorial on magnetization

AC losses in changing fields


3- Magnets, ‘Training’ & Fine Filaments

coil shapes for solenoids, dipoles & quadrupoles

engineering current density & load lines

degradation, training & minimum quench energy MQE 

flux jumping


4- Quenching and Protection

the quench process

resistance growth, current decay, temperature rise

calculating the quench

mini tutorial on quenching

quench protection schemes                                    


5- Cryogenics & Practical Matters

working fluids, refrigeration

cryostat design

current leads

accelerator magnet manufacture

some superconducting accelerators