Joint Universities Accelerator School
Accelerators for industrial and medical applications

Dr. Wiel Kleeven, IBA


After a brief introduction to the company IBA, a first part of the course deals with the use of radio-isotopes for medical applications. Both medical imaging and brachy-therapy are discussed


A second part of the course discusses the use of cyclotrons for radioisotope production. Aspects like magnetic design, central region design, internal versus external ion sources, magnetic field mapping and beam extraction are covered. Also some features of targets for radioisotopes are shown


A third part of the course deals with particle therapy of cancer. The main requirements and the main sub-systems of the proton-therapy facility are explained. The solution of cyclotrons for proton and carbon therapy is covered and the latest development of superconducting synchrocyclotrons for proton-therapy is looked at in some detail


A fourth part of the course discusses some typical electron accelerators that are used for industrial applications such as the rhodotron and the dynamitron