BioHealth Computing
Prof. Philippe Sabatier
P. Sabatier 1

Philippe Sabatier is Full Professor of Epidemiology and Mathematical Modelling at Université Grenoble Alpes and Lyon Veterinary School. He is the Director of the BioHealth Computing schools at ESI which proposes several summer schools: SaferNano (Design & Law), IBD4Health and CompMed, as well as the Coordinator of the International Master Programme on Health for Life Engineering including e-health, Biotechs, Medtechs, and Greentechs applications.


P. Sabatier 2

Philippe is an expert in spatial and temporal dynamics of disease outbreak ; kinetic and biological and chemical transports in propagation environment; disease transmission multi-scale modelling; available health care services capacity for national and international health organisations (WHO, WFP, OIE). Since 2005, Philippe has written more thant 160 articles related to epidemiology, biomathematics and health environment modelling, ecology modelling, theoretical biology, emerging infectious diseases, vectorial and zoonotic transmission of diseases, veterinary medicine and research.