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06/2016 - SaferNanoDesign

Archamps, 21st June 2016


Students at the first edition of the SaferNanoDesign summer school breathed a collective sigh combining intense satisfaction with understandable relief as the school came to a successful close on Saturday 18th June. Often working until late in the evening, students had given their all to absorb lots of new information, work on case studies, complete assignments and prepare presentations.

SND - electron microscope WEB

Viewing silver nanowires with an electron microscpe


Participants came from 9 European universities and included post-doctoral scientists, PhD candidates and 3 Grenoble-based students from the Erasmus Mundus BioHealth  Computing Master degree.


The school faculty was comprised of 25 specialists in their field from the universities of Aix-Marseille, Grenoble-Alpes, Maastricht and Strasbourg as well as Novancia Business school, EAWAG Switzerland, IOM Edinburgh, OECD Paris and CapEval Pharma.  Many of the specialists stayed for the entire school, facilitating exchanges between senior and junior scientists and creating networking opportunities 


The students’ innovation projects, presented as pitches at the end of the school, were certainly one of the highlights of the week, which also included hands-on sessions, computer modelling and more traditional presentations.