BioHealth Computing
School programme

IBD4HEALTH TIMETABLE 2018 (download here)



Candidates should provide a 50 to 200-word outline of an innovative idea or project related to data and healthy living which could be selected to serve as the basis for a group project in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship component of the school.

The idea or project can be expressed in terms of:

  • currently unmet needs in the field of healthy living which require the development of innovative products and/or services;

  • the (re)deployment of an existing technology-driven product or service to promote and monitor healthy living;

  • a technological development necessary to achieve a breakthrough in healthy living

  • a currently unavailable but potentially marketable product or service


IBD4Health’s mission is to teach advanced topics related to Big Data computing and analytics for health and wellbeing, as well as to enhance innovation and entrepreneurial awareness among participants. 

The Summer School program starts with introductory plenary lectures and ends with a pitching session and closing ceremony. Everyday sessions mix a comprehensive range of practical tools and real life experiences. Time off between the sessions will allow participants to work on individual or team projects.



LECUTRE SESSIONS: Health, wellbeing, obesity and data challenges

During this sessions, plenary lectures introduce obesity as case study and highlight application domains (including biomedicine, social and economy), data collection and efficient computing, ethics and personal protection.



Computer room

Computer room

HANDS-ON SESSIONS: Data oriented design, collection, computing and analytics

During this sessions, hands-on activities introduces the state-of-the-art on Big Data Technologies: from oriented design, collection (large scale sensors, internet of things, structured versus unstructured data, semantic metadata and ontologies, etc.), storage, computing, security and privacy (cloud computing, etc.) and big data analytics (machine learning, integration and interplay of statistical and deductive methods).





Entrepreneurial working group

Entrepreneurial working group

GROUP PROJECT: Innovation and entrepreneurship

This sessions are devoted to the evolution of innovative ideas in multidisciplinary teams translating them into value creation through business model innovation. Participants are introduced to Creative Thinking as well as applied Design Thinking and Pitching. The Study Case method is also applied for this session to explore user and market profiles, and explore product/service concepts and business models.






Pitching session

Pitching session

PITCHING SESSION: Competition for the best innovative ideas and business plans

This session is organised as a competitive platform for the best ideas and business plans. Participants have a unique opportunity to promote (pitch) their ideas in front of a business panel including industry members, and CERN KT Group members.